For Individuals

Welcome to the Grief Resource Network. We hope we have made a very important connection that will truly make a difference.

As a personal story, when my husband passed away from cancer I did not know anyone who had suffered my same loss, and it was very isolating – I felt alone in my grief. Many people have the same experience resulting from all different types of loss. I have created this website and database so all who are suffering the loss of a loved one have the opportunity to find and connect with one another. Members of the grieving community understand each other and here it is possible for us to finally connect through local resources. Secondly, we are also reaching out to professionals, businesses and charities to let them know about us, and to give them the opportunity to register with us. In this manner, the connection between those who want to help and those who need it can find each other!!

Forever forward,
Holly C. Barker
President and Founder, Grief Resource Network, LLC.
CEO and President, the Jordon Barker Foundation, Inc.