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Connect your Products and Services to those who are grieving.

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The only website dedicated to assisting businesses and organizations that offer support and guidance to those who are grieving.

Whether you deal with an awareness to a cause, author and sell books relating to grief or are a professional with patients or clients, this database can be a great launching pad for your business.

When a loved one dies, the bereaved are very consumed by all that needs to be done from an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level. It is hard to reach out and find the assistance they need in addition to the process of dealing with the initial loss. 

There is no other website in existence like Grief Resource Network.
I know because I went looking for it right after my husband passed away and nothing like it was available. That is the reason why I have created the Grief Resource Network. I needed it and so many others do, too. So please consider registering your business/ organization at a very low annual cost so that we can build a platform that enables all to connect, heal, and prosper." — Holly C Barker, Founder and President, GRN

Benefits to your business / organization:

New Business Connections

You’ll receive a 300 Character Directory Listing incorporated within the network’s search, allowing potential prospects to find you in a highly relevant and optimized manner. This listing allows users to find and make connections with your business that match what they're seeking.

Post Events / Meetings

Reach your target directly with the ability to post events and/or meetings. These events are displayed at a glance and are also listed within a user’s specific geographic location using a zip code search.

Account Management

As a registered vendor you can manage your account with an easy-to-use, comprehensive digital dashboard.

Registering as a vendor is a two-step process. First, please register as a general user of the Grief Resource Network. From there you can take your involvement a step further and fully register your business or organization as a vendor.


Once you register as a vendor, a yearly or monthly subscription will be available for activation, enabling all the benefits mentioned above to begin. You can subscribe with an annual fee of $200 or pay $20 per month without a contract to renew at the end of the year.

Join us at Grief Resource Network to help support, advise, and assist those experiencing heartache and grief.

Questions? Email us at We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you might have.